• Katie Hedgecox

A little Introduction

Hi! My name is Katie Hedgecox and I am the Founder of Hedgehog Studios. Just a little bit about me and my background: I started the business while studying for my Fashion Design degree and while helping out my parents who are landlords for HMOs. My passion has always been surrounding Design but it's only been this past year that I have focused on Interior Design.

My first project was about a year ago when my parents asked if I could help style one of their houses for a photoshoot. Over the next weeks I had been contacted from other landlords asking about professional Interior Styling and Photography. This seemed to be a niche service that nobody else was offering so I decided to create the Business.

One year on and I now have a successful business with a strong clientele. Moving forward I have decided to grow this business into not only providing more services but also bringing a personal approach to this sector - hence this blog feed!

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