Branding & Design

When it comes to Branding & Marketing, we can offer support from helping you find a brand name to developing your logo and the visual touch points from your business going forward.

Whilst branding a business is a journey with lots of turns and refinement, at a surface level, it can be broken down into three clearly defined stages below:

Design & Branding

Whilst a brand is not a logo, branding and design do go hand in hand.

Understanding brand is understanding the foundation of your business in a much less tangible way, drawing on emotion's that belong to yourself and more importantly your consumers.

Design is tactile. The visual aesthetic of your brand, and a core element of your communication.

My Pad branded tote bag and notepad


Discover your brand! Branding is often confused with visual communication, but it is something much less tangible. Understanding your brand is understanding the consumer perception of your business, and how to align your business' values, passions, and reputation going forward.


Market Research

Business Name Development


Target Market

Mission Statement


Having a consistent visual identity that ties all touch points of your business together elevates your brand's value and integrity.

To do this, having a strong visual foundation that resonates with your audience and evokes emotions that align with your values is essential.

Logo Development



Visual Assets

Direction and Styling

Brand Guidelines


Strut your stuff! With your brand and visual identity honed in, it is time to put it out into the world. Finding ways to effectively communicate your brand to your audience through different mediums with compelling and cohesive design is incredibly powerful. Doing so can put you head and shoulders above your competitors.


Social Media

Welcome Packs



Business Cards

and much more!

Let's create a compelling identity.

Whether you are at day one or ten years into your property journey, you can leverage brand to enhance your business. Let's have a chat to see if we can help.

Website Packages



1 Page


• Enquiry Form
• About Us
• Social Media Links
• Link to Spareroom & GoTennant
• Properties (up to 6 - Additional

  properties will be £20 per





Up to 5 pages

Proofing stage

(Homepage mock-up)

Same as Bronze plus:
• Testimonials
• FAQ’s
• Brand Values




Up to 10 pages

Proofing Stage

(2x page mock-up)

Same as Silver plus:
• Local Area
• Employers
• T&C’s
• About Shared Living
• News / Blog
• Investors Page



Social Media Packages


Design Boost

Bump start your social media with a bespoke graphic package building on your visiual identity.

  • Facebook & Instagram Profile Pictures

  • Facebook Banner

  • Instagram Highlights Icons

  • Instagram Post Templates (x3)



Monthly Management

Increase your brand's reach organically, through engaging posts and reliable, credible posts.

• 3-4 posts on Instagram a week
• 2 posts on Facebook a week
• Social Engagement
• Research and re-post of local events

£330.00 per month