My name is Katie Hedgecox and I am the Founder of Hedgehog Studios. I launched the company whilst studying for a fashion design degree, and after working in my parents' property business where I helped them to market their rental properties to young professionals. 

I realised I had a passion for interiors and for helping others. With the close connections I made to a Property Franchise based in Bournemouth, I saw an opportunity to build my own business and work to help others. 

One year on and I now have a successful business with a strong clientele. Moving forward I have decided to grow this business into not only providing more services but also expanding my team and embracing what is yet to come!

Founder & Interior Designer



Hey there! I’m Alex Addison and I deal with everything design here at Hedgehog Studios. Whether it be brand identity, a website, or some marketing materials - I’m here to help.


My passion for design started over 10 years ago when I began playing in Photoshop to make a header for my then (and now very embarrassing) YouTube channel. Thankfully, I have improved since then and found my calling in creating brand identities that owners love and which resonate with their target market.


Design is a fundamental part of every day life that can often go unappreciated, but I think its a hero! It defines the quality of a brand, and it shows when time and care has been put into their design. It touches everything from huge signage out front to the rough and ready coasters to the tiny favicon in the top left of your web browser - and I find that inspiring within itself.

Graphics & Website Designer

Alex Addison

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I have always been drawn to photography because I am so intrigued by people and the natural world — how foundationally we are all so similar yet have our own unique stories to share. I love how a passing moment in time can be fixed in place forever.

From classical art to striking faces and serendipitous encounters, I find inspiration absolutely everywhere. I aim to showcase the individual beauty nestled within a moment, face or place.


I love documenting beautiful interior spaces which people have created to make a safe place where people live and build community together. Which is why I love working with Hedgehog Studios and our partners.

Photographer & Videographer